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What to Visit In America During Gap Year

8 places that you should visit in America during your gap year

What to visit in America question is a really tricky one…Whit this article we would like to help you so please take a look at the 8 places that you should visit in America during your gap year

There are 50 states in America, each one of them offering something different – meaning it’s the perfect place to enjoy a whole host of diverse landscapes, cultures, attractions, and world famous landmarks.

what to visit in america

what to visit in america

With this in mind, it really is no surprise that many gap year students and adventure-seeking young people think of America as being the ultimate travel destination.

From the bright lights of New York through to the stunning beaches that populate sunny California, planning your trip to America is no easy feat, due to the sheer amount of choice you’ll have when it comes to planning your route.

To give you a helping hand, check out these 8 places in America that you should visit when you’re in your 20s!

New York

With its towering skyscraper buildings, iconic landmarks, and endless excitement, New York really is the city that never sleeps.

Top attractions include The Empire State Building, Times Square, Top of the Rock, and Brooklyn Bridge. Of course, you’ll also find countless other attractions, landmarks and things to do and see throughout the city.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most famous natural phenomenon and, as a result, it attracts visitors from all corners of the world.

Measuring a jaw-dropping 277 miles in length, this natural wonder has expanded over six million years due to the natural movement of the Colorado River.

Attracting over 4.5 million visitors each year, this should definitely be on your list of places to visit when you’re travelling through America during your gap year.

San Francisco

With its diverse cultural landscape and iconic landmarks, San Francisco will open your eyes to a broad spectrum of cultures.

But that’s not all, this free-spirited city is also home to a whole host of jaw-dropping sights, sounds, and attractions. From its endless array of cosy cafes (perfect for watching the world pass you by), through to its famously vibrant nightlife, it’s a given that you’ll leave your heart in San Francisco.

San Diego

If you love the sunshine, then San Diego should certainly be on your list of places to visit when you’re in America.

Boasting more than 70 miles of stunning coastline, a thriving nightlife scene, and a whole host of outdoor attractions for you to enjoy, you won’t ever want to leave – we can promise you that!

New Orleans

There really is nowhere quite like New Orleans. With its unique cultural heritage, mixture of Caribbean and European influences, and of course, its distinct personality, New Orleans is a place where you will be able to enjoy every musical genre, on every street corner.


With its idyllic beaches and stunning parks, this is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city living and truly appreciate what a beautiful world we live in.

But that’s not all, this fascinating island is also a great place to get up close and personal with an impressive range of wildlife, absorb the island’s rich history and culture, and of course, relax and unwind on some of Hawaii’s most magnificent beaches.

Trust us, there really is no where else in the world where you’ll be able to swim alongside five different types of sea turtles and explore the world’s largest dormant volcano – you don’t want to miss it!


Here you’ll find a whole host of dramatic peaks, lakes, forests, whirlpools, expansive meadows… need we go on?

Known as one of the world’s most breath-taking areas of unspoiled natural beauty, Yellowstone is the perfect place to absorb breath-taking scenery that is sure to stay with you for the rest of your life.

Washington DC.

The nation’s capital, Washington DC is home to a vast range of iconic monuments, world renowned museums, interesting neighbourhoods, as well as a number of cafes, boutique shops, clubs and restaurants for you to explore and enjoy at your leisure.

You will quickly realise that it is far from the stuffy, Government driven town that it has been made out to be in recent years. In fact, in recent years, the state has transitioned into a thriving cultural hub that is far from boring.

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